VCE’s VBlock/VxBlock system 350 – New converged Infrastructure models are introduced !

VCE’s VBlock systems


VCE, Converged infrastructure division of EMC (now under Dell’s family) is a Joint venture between EMC, Cisco and VMware was founded in the year of 2009.  With the introduction of VBlocks to the market, a converged datacenter units, VCE became Number one in delivering the worlds most advanced converged products solutions.

What is VBlock? (In simple explanation)

“VBlock is the converged datacenter units, seamlessly integrated by best in class compute, storage, network and virtualization technologies from market leaders Cisco, VMware and EMC”. 

What is VxBlock? (In simple explanation)

“VxBlock is also the converged datacenter units, providing ability for customers to run NSX or ACI ( Equation:- VxBlock = VBlock + NSX or ACI offering)”

There are different VBlock product families are available in the market, VBlock/VxBlock 200, 300, 500 and 700 families.. All these product families have different models for different business use cases. For more details about these models, you can refer the product overview matrix here

The product which I talk about it now is the newly added model to the VBlock 300 family.

Earlier, VBlock/VxBlock 340 was available in the market, which is an agile and highly scalable CI product with EMC VNX storage integrated as a storage component along with compute, storage, and network components. As the VNX storage has a improved data efficiency and provides high performance (up to 4x), this VBlock was designed and engineered for enterprise mission-critical applications like SAP, Microsoft Exchange, ERP, VDI and cloud services based solutions.

With the increase in demand for the other business use cases (use cases mentioned below), new CI model VBlock 350 is introduced in VBlock 300 product family.

VBlock 350 is integrated with Unity storage (instead of VNX storage in 340 model).

               EMC’s Unity Storage is a low risk path all flash midrange storage with the optimized SSD performance and efficiency, delivers the ultimate in simplicity and value to speed deployments. Unity’s All-Flash and Hybrid Flash platforms optimize SSD performance and efficiency, with fully integrated SAN and NAS capabilities”

Use cases of VBlock 350– Ideal use cases are midsized deployments, ROBO (remote office and branch office) use cases, and cost sensitive mixed workloads.

Along with the introduction of VBlock 350, VCE is addressing all the business use cases by delivering both the models from now.

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