VCE-CIA re-certified : My Experience

I did my 1st VCE-CIA certification in the year 2015, the certificate was valid for 2 years. Since it got expired recently, I had decided to take the certification again to keep it active. Before I talk about my experience, let me explain about the course which required to take to get certified.

Introduction about course:

To acquire VCE-CIA (Converged infrastructure Associate) certificate, you need to go through a course called ‘DELLEMC converged and hyper-converged Foundations‘. This course provides a brief introduction to the technologies and components involved in the DELLEMC’s converged and hyper-converged products. It provides a basic information about how the components are integrated, how they work, use cases.

This course training consists of 9 sections, and at the end of each section, there are number of multiple choice question mapped based on the respective section topics. These questions will help you to clear the exam at the end of complete course.

You will have a choice to go through complete course section by section or you can by-pass the course completely and directly take the assessment. It is a free online course and assessment is also online. Minimum score required to achieve certificate is 80%.

 Who can take up this?

 This course is for DELLEMC employees, partners, and customers. If you are one of these registered to a DELLEMC account, you will get a chance to take this course.

When I did this course in the year 2015, course content was all about the technologies and components involved in the VCE’s converged infrastructure product like vBlock, VxBlock families. However, with the recent introduction of hyper-converged products like VxRack, VxRail by DELLEMC, new course has the hyper-converged product s introduction added into it. Since, it’s a 1st level certificate provided by DELLEMC, course talks majorly on –

  • difference between the traditional and modern datacenter models.
  • traditional and reference architecture models.
  • converged infrastructure architecture
  • advantages and use cases of DELLEMC’s converged and hyper-converged products and technologies,
  • finally, purpose of each component

If you know about all the product models and technologies involved, you don’t need to go through complete course, you can just go ahead and upgrade only about the new components introduction, then move on to take the assessment. Since, I had done my certification earlier, I did a small brushup on the converged products and technologies, then concentrated more on to the hyper-converged technologies and products. Since, it was online based and the assessment appears immediately after the course, careful attention to the course is fine to crack the certificate. If you are new, then carefully watch each and every sections and understand the concepts.

If you pass the exam, you will get the the certificate logo as below,


once you have your 1st level certificate, then you are eligible to take next levels which are more into core technology of converged and hyper-converged  products.

As the Datacenter model is upgrading to the next level of architectures i.e., converged and hyper-converged environment for various benefits and use cases  I would recommend to each one who have access to take this course to get knowledge about the converged and hyper-converged products.

I will write about DELLEMC’s converged and hyper-converged certificate tracker in detail in another blog post.

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