Re-register VUM to Redeployed vCenter Server (vCenter 5.5/6.x/VCSA appliance)

When you redeploy vCenter server due to some issues/vCenter crash, you might think that you will have to redeploy/reconfigure VUM server.

It’s not required. Very simple resolution is given below, after vCenter redeployment (whether VCSA or windows based vCenter) follow these steps:

  • Login to VUM VM
  • Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\Infrastructure\Update Manager
  • Find ‘ VMwareUpdateManagerUtility.exe’, double click on it
  • Login to the update manager Utility using previously used SSO credentials (usually it will be same for old and new vCenter as you redeploy)

update managerUtil

  • Navigate to Re-register to vCenter Server –> enter the SSO credentials and new vCenter IP/FQDN à click Apply. This will re-register VUM to newly deployed VCUtil.png
  • Once done, close the wizard, and restart the VMware vSphere update Manager Service


  • Login to vCenter and click on plug-ins and enable the VUM plug-in


  • Once you enable ‘update manager’ will appear in vCenter


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