‘Hyper-Converged Infrastructure & VMware Software-defined Storage Fundamentals’ -VMware eCourse available for free !!

Its’ been 2 years(from 2014), VMware is into Hyper-Convergered Infrastructure market with it’s cutting edge technology VSAN (Virtual SAN).

VSAN is the first hypervisor based hyper converged storage solution available in the market provided by VMware.

In Simple words, integrated software stack to deliver & manage compute, network and storage layers leveraged through hypervisor. VSAN configuration is so simple as it can be implemented with simple mouse clicks. It’s not a software or a virtual appliance which required to be deployed for the integration, its’ a kernel based integrated plug-in implemented and managed through vSphere web client.

There are lot many information available to learn & get in to a deep-dive of VSAN and SDDC. But, for the beginners or for the people  who wants to begin learning with VMware’s HCI and SDDC solutions, VMware has released a self-paced eLearning course called “Hyper-Converged Infrastructure and VMware Software-defined Storage Fundamentals” which is absolutely free !!

People who have their VMware account (Education portal) can register online here to get started with. It’s just a 2.5 hours eLearning course which provides an basic overview of VMware HCI and SDDC technologies.

This course also covers the fundamentals of VSAN technology, architecture,  business use cases of VSAN and SDDC solutions, VMware HCI deployment options, benefits, policy based management.





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