How to add DNS and NTP servers in Platform Server controller or any Linux appliance?

While deploying VMware platform service controllers, we can add DNS and NTP servers. But what if we forget to add additional NTP and DNS server IPs?

Very simple, you can add it using cli

Login to platform service controller (PSC) through browser

URL – https://[platform controller IP address]:5480

Navigate to Access tab and enable SSH login  and bash shell access


Connect to PSC using SSH service (putty) and enable shell, connect to shell prompt

command > shell.set –enabled True

command> shell


To add additional DNS servers:

enter following command to verify the DNS servers added earlier

command> cat /etc/resolv.conf

following command to add additional DNS server, use VI editor

command> vi /etc/resolv.conf


add the additional server IPs and save the VI file


use command> cat /etc/resolv.conf to verify.

To add additional NTP servers:

Enter following command to verify the NTP servers added earlier

command> cat /etc/ntp.conf


use VI editor to add additional NTP servers, after you add the IPs, save VI editor file

command> vi /etc/ntp.conf


You can check newly added NTP server as shown below and how the local server’s clock is synchronized via NTP,

command> ntpq -p


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