“Failed to deploy Ovf package: The task was canceled by a user” error while deploying ovf template

You might have seen an error while deploying ovf image as “Failed to deploy ovf template: the task was canceled by a user”. Error screenshot below:


This error usually occurs when you export your VM mounted with CD-ROM. To resolve this issue you have to edit the .ovf file. Before you edit the file, let me just narrate about the files which gets created when you export a VM to a .ovf format. There will be 3 files mentioned below,

  1. vm.mf
  2. vm.ovf
  3. vm-disk1.vmdk

‘.mf’ file contains the SHA1 checksum of .ova and .vmdk files

.ovf is a descriptor file written in xml which contains the hardware configurations

.vmdk  is the virtual hard disk file for the respective virtual machine.

Let’s switch back to the error now. As we know the root cause of the issue, we have to edit the .ovf file (which contains hardware configurations) where you have to search ‘cdrom’ to get the right xml lines to modify


replace ‘.iso’ to ‘.atapi’ as shown below


Save the edited file. This means typically un-mounting CD-ROM from the exported VM and set the device type to ‘client device’ which you see in VM settings.

After you save the .ovf file, remove or delete the ‘.mf’ file from directory where you have .ovf and .vmdk files located (since .mf file keeps on checking the checksum while using other files, we avoid the checksum process as we have modified the .ovf file already)

Then start deploying the VM, it will deploy successfully without any issues.



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