Discontinuation of vBlock by DELLEMC made a simplified way of CI portfolio

DELLEMC has taken a great move in simplifying it’s Converged infrastructure (CI) portfolio products. Two main CI products families in CI from DELLEMC are VBlock and VxBlock.  With the new strategic initiative DELLEMC is saying Good-bye to vBlock from July 1st 2017 and emphasizing VxBlock product families.

The significant difference between vBlock and VxBlock is the underlying virtual networking options. vBlock is an integration solution to provide Nexus 1000v as a virtual networking option to suffice a specific business use cases, whereas VxBlock is an integration solutions to provides an ability for customers to run Software defined networking (SDN) layers such as VMware NSX or Cisco ACI.  Key difference between vBlock and VxBlock was also explained in my previous blog post here.

Why this decision?

Well, its all depends on the usage and choice of a customer and the business requirement. In a blog  post  “Making 2 go to 1: Choosing simplification in Vblock/VxBlock” Chad Sakac , Dell EMC Global Systems Engineering President said that the 90% of the CI customers have chosen VxBlock whereas only 10% of the customers have chosen VBlock.  Significance of this choice from the customers indicates the decisive factors towards software defined networking use cases.  By discontinuing the vBlock and emphasizing VxBlock in CI platform provides a simplified choice to the customers.

Also,  what I think is there could be one more factor which made to discontinue VBlock  is that the announcement of discontinuation of 3rd party vSwitch program by VMware recently. In its announcement, VMware said,  3rd party vSwitch program includes Nexus1000v along with other 3rd party software’s. This announcement could also be one of the decisive factor, however there are many use cases and benefits with the simplifications made in CI platforms.

With this move, customer can get a benefit of simplified choice to choose NSX or ACI. Also, to provide a simplified approach in integrating Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (EHC) with NSX on VxBlock platform.

while there is a discontinuation of vBlock for new customers in green filed environment, existing customer will get a support and maintenance benefits provided by DELLEMC till the end of period announcement. Also current vBlock customers can get a benefits of buying new vBlock as an expansion use cases as chad said.

VMware says,

After VMware vSphere 6.5 Update 1, VMware expects toremove the APIs as part of a future update to VMware vSphere 6.5 as well as future releases of the vSphere platform, and third party vSwitches will no longer work with vSphere

So, existing customers who are using Nexus1000v as virtual switch options no need to worry when they decided to update to VMware vSphere 6.5, as you will get a support from the respective vendors or you have a choice of using Nexus 1000v to VDS migration tool provided by VMware, you can use this tool and migrate from nexus1000v to VDS at your risk without support.


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