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vClass Notes blog is all about sharing the knowledge majorly on Virtualization technologies.  Blog name itself indicates about the thought process behind its derivation. Simple class notes which we usually take when we attend any technical sessions or classes would always help to refer or remember what we learnt which  in turn helps to apply thoughts further. You might miss handwritten notes, however you won’t miss the notes which you have written as posts in a blog !.  Some posts would have longer notes (Smile), however it depends on the topics we choose to publish.

vClass Notes blog is maintained by me, Chethan B H (linkedIn)

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I would welcome any comments, opinions, suggestions or anything else that you might have to say about the blog which in turn would help us to learn and serve you with good information and better way of writing technical information through this media.

Disclaimer: All the information posted here are my own, not the opinions of DELL-EMC.