‘A server error occurred: no error message is available’ – unable to connect vSphere Web Client – How to resolve?

I was logged into vCenter through vSphere C# Client and performing vCenter inventory operations. For some issue, I wanted to check the permission and user details. I could able to see roles and users part of it, however to have a look into it in a granular level, I though I should login to the vSphere web Client. when I accessed web client through browser (https://<vCenter FQDN or vCenter IP>:9443), I got a strage error as shown below

It was stating that, “A server error occurred: no error message is available 🙁 check the vSphere web client server logs”. I could not get anything by looking at that error, however since it was stating to look at error logs, I navigated to the we client log path in vCenter server. It was under path

D:\ProgramData\VMware\vCenterServer\vSphere-Client\logs (screenshot below)


as soon as I looked into the logs folder, there were 3 different log files,

  • eventlog.log
  • query_profile_dataservices.log
  • vsphere_client_virgo.log

I had to look into to vsphere_client_virgo.log to check the logs. I actually opened this log file in notepad and verified the latest logs captured at the bottom of the file. Then I searched with word “error” to identify if any errors are captured. Once I hit search, search output found the below error message

Soap fault javax.xml.ws.soap..SoapFaultException“. by looking at this error, I could not able to understand anything. Then after Google search, I found a VMware community thread https://communities.vmware.com/thread/507437 where someone faced the same issue. Suggestions to his problem was stating to check & ensure the time Synchronized between VCSA and SSO machines.

So I logged into PSC and VC to verify the time, time was showing almost the same. I didn’t had any options. So I thought I could reinstall VC (as my database was external, I didn’t have issue in reinstall VC, though I can remap to the same database). So Uninstalled VC and tried to reinstall.

In the installation of VC wizard, while adding VC to the SSO (PSC) I got an error as ‘374 sec time difference, cannot add VC to SSO and asking to resolve the time sync issue. (there can be less than 4 mins but should not exceed.)

Then I realized its the time sync issue is causing problem. Well, I did checked on the same earlier, I could not able to trace the actual time difference, this time it was showing the exact time difference.

Since the PSC VM was configured to sync its time with the ESXi host where its deployed, I straightaway checked the ESXi host time it was fine. But the VC VM wasn’t set to sync with host time. Also, one more scenario in my setup was VC VM added to domain controller. So VC took the time what domain controller has and PSC took the NTP time which was set on the ESXi host.

Tricky thing is Domain controller VM was not set to sync with NTP server. That’s why VC and PSC VM time was not in Sync. I didn’t had control on domain controller, So I set the VC VM to sync with host in VM edit settings.  Afterthat, in the VC installation wizard, I clicked next to connect to PSC SSO, it didn’t through an error this time.

That how the time Sync issue between PSC and VC got resolved.

actuay takeaway from this experience is, if we see a log statement as “Soap fault javax.xml.ws.soap..SoapFaultException”, then it means, issue is somewhere around the time sync issue. Have a cross-check all the scenarios to resolve time sync issue before you take an re-install as I did.

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